A global player with principles

Established, knowledgeable and professional, we are specialists in our field and our reputation for providing industry-leading, future-facing solutions is now global. Our success is built on strong values, principles that we’re practiced from day one.

Customer service

At every stage of the working relationship, our aim is to respond quickly, answer questions accurately, and provide full transparency. Accordingly, all staff are carefully selected, fully trained and highly motivated to supply an excellent customer service.

Speed of turnaround

Time is money. Before you can appreciate the value of your products, recognise when to invoice, or how to recover what you’ve invested in order to reinvest in other areas of your business, you need answers to certain questions. Answers we can give you quickly.


There are several ways we QC each item as it passes through our company, from arrival, processing and stock reports.

Honesty and Integrity

Because we want you to trust us, and what we do, we offer full transparency and welcome site visits. We also actively encourage our staff to take on charity work and raise money for worthwhile causes.


We work hard to understand your requirements, and believe strongly in paying you what your material is worth, its true value.

We process 102.90 tonnes a year of material