Successful product life extension through restorative activities such as repair and remanufacturing, or the recovery of material value, is at the heart of our success.

Through our industry leading practices, and expert knowledge of the secondary market, we can identify which products can be refurbished and resold, helping you to recover more value from the material.

There will also be occasions when you overstock items, for example left over mobile phone accessories from a past promotion, or old headphones you no longer wish to sell in-store. Rather than waste valuable space in your warehouse, we can take these items off your hands, paying competitive rates for items we consider recoverable.


Our Process

Stock in

Each shipment delivered is assigned a reference and an automated email sent out confirming its arrival.


Every shipment is individually assessed and cost effectively processed.


Our service includes reports on what is recoverable, recyclable, and the outcome of any brand protection services.


Once materials have been processed, we can provide highly competitive pricing.