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Over the last two years, Inturn Industries have been the preferred partner of TomTom’s Reverse Logistics department for secure disposal solutions of their WEEE material, ranging from individual component parts to whole devices.

The problem

As part of Inturn Industries’s secure disposal solutions, we have worked closely with TomTom to ensure that all requirements regarding WEEE legislation are met. This includes arranging secure transportation and the necessary documentation for collections from multiple sites in Europe to adhere to EU transportation laws.

The course of action

Once the material has arrived at our custom-built facility the materials undergo a series of internal processes which include complete product dismantling and component functionality testing. As part of our bespoke solutions and in keeping with TomTom’s CSR practices, we securely destroy any data sensitive items through our on-site industrial shredders and a Certificate of Destruction is issued. The remaining particulate is then securely recycled and our auditable trail ensures that no materials end up in landfill.